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Company Values

Aarsand Management is a dynamic, family owned and operated organization that has made a sincere commitment to its employees, its customers and the communities in which they live and work. As the company has grown over the past quarter century, it has intensified its dedication to supporting individuals and organizations in the four states where their customer's reside.

The organization's nationally recognized Good Neighbor Program works with local civic and charitable organizations to enhance the quality of life in their areas of influence, and regularly offers fund raising opportunities to local civic and charitable groups. Support for the Boy's & Girls Clubs of America and local events such as "Racing for Taco Bell" are just a few of the ways in which Aarsand continues to strive to make a difference in our communities.

Aarsand Management values groups and organizations that focus on children, youth, and families. We enjoy supporting faith based organizations and clubs and any group that supports the values we espouse.

Throughout the region where Aarsand Management stores are located we host a number of fundraisers for all kinds of clubs and school and church organizations and causes, too numerous to list.

The Boys and Girls Clubs in our communities have received support for fundraisers and other projects. For several years we have underwritten the B & G Club Youth of the Year Legislative event at Annapolis. We have also underwritten the Junior Achievement of Central Maryland’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Every summer we supply coupons to tens of thousands of children as incentive’s or rewards for participating in their county library’s “Summer Reading Program.”  We also send coupons and gift certificates to many other organizations, including schools as attendance rewards and for Prom Night incentives (SADD), Community events, fundraising auctions and charity golf tournaments.

Aarsand Management is also proud to underwrite the costs for a public charity begun by the family in memory of founder, Knut J. Aarsand. Known to the public as A STEP 2 SUCCESS, this charity raises funds to assist young men and women gain an education or a learned skill. Every summer the Aarsand Management stores hold a month-long campaign raising funds for this charity, and every cent raised is given away to assist young men and women. To learn more about this wonderful charity run by the company, please click here: www.astep2success.org

To make a request for your club, church, or organization, email: torben@aarsand.com

Aarsand Good Neighbor Program

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