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Manager of the Year

Ahmed Elhilali Corporate RGM of the Year 2015

An immigrant to the United States from Morocco, Ahmed’s story is one of success!

In February, 2005, soon after immigrating, he made his way to joining the Aarsand team! In 3 short years, by November 2008, he was selected to become the RGM of the Patteson Drive Taco Bell (Morgantown, WV), one of the busiest stores in the company!

Ahmed has been previously honored as a company Top Performer three times, in 2011, 2012, and 2014.

As the 2015 Corporate Manager of the Year, Ahmed has been recognized for:

  • training multiple external manager candidates promoted from within at all levels
  • helping out in the market without being asked
  • running consistent green operations on CORE, VOC and ICOS in stores he is helping
  • consistently achieving great financials in his own store
  • promoting within his store a culture of self-sufficiency and teamwork

Ahmed has been awarded an all-expenses paid trip, which has meant the world to him! And that is just what he did, he used his award to travel for the first time since leaving his homeland, back to Morocco where he reunited with family and friends from long ago!

Congratulations, Ahmed!


Jon Reichard - 2012 Manager of the Year

Ahmed Elhilali
2015 Manager of the Year


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